Thursday, September 22, 2016


Paralympic day. 

Kauri 1211 & Kauri 89 had a Paralympic day.
we were separated into countries. .I was in Italy.
the challenges where really hard.The hardiest challenge for me was the soccer.My team won a gold meddle.



This my calendar art i found hard to do to one half and the other.


Q. When was the first Olympics held?
  1. April the 6th 1896.

Q. Who introduced the Modern Olympics ?
A.In 1892, Coubertin first introduced the idea of starting the Olympic Games again. Few people were ready to accept his idea. But in 1894 Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and began planning the first modern Olympiad.

Q How often are the Olympics held?
A.every 4 years

Q.How many events are there in the Olympics?
A.300 events
Q.Where was the first Olympics held?
  1. In Greece

Q. How many countries compete in the Olympics?
  1. 204 in 2012 olympics and 84 in the 2014 olympics

Q. Which country will hold the next Olympics in 2020?
  1. Japan
Q. How many times has Mark Todd competed in the Olympics?
  1. How many medals in total has Nick Willis won?
  1. 4 bronze 1 silver 1 gold
Q. How many medals in total has NZ won in 2016?
A.   4 gold  9 silver  5 bronze
Q. Who was the first NZer to win a gold medal?
  1. Victor Lindberg
Q. How many modern Olympics have been held between 1896 and 2016?
  1. 30
Q.Who was the host for the Olympics 2016?
  1. Rio De Janeiro
Which country won the most medals in 2000 Olympics?
  1. United States
What distance is Valerie Adams best shot put throw?
  1. 21.24
How many titles has Valerie Adams won?
  1. 14
How many gold medals has Valerie Adams won?
  1. 14
What sport does Mahe Drysdale compete in?
  1. Rowing
How many medals has Lisa Carrington won?
A.7 gold 1 silver 2 bronze
What sport does Lisa Carrington do?
  1. Canoe sprint
What are the Olympic Values?
  1. Friendship, Respect and Excellence
How many medals have our judo team won in 2016?
A.1 gold 4 silver 6 bronze and the total is 11
Which sports were  introduced to the Olympics 2016?
  1. None
What do the 5 Olympics rings represent ?
  1. 5  inhabited continents

Q. Why were the Ancient Olympics held?
  1. To honour Zeus, the King of the Greek gods  
How to play the Game!!!

What you Need:
:Monopoly game board
:2 to 4 game pieces
:A vivid
: 2 to 4 players
:2 dice
How to Play

If you land on a yellow square you move 5 spaces forwards.
If you land on blue square the other player loses their turn.
If you land  on a red square you lose your turn .
If you land on a black square you do not need  to answer a question.
if you land on a plain white square you have to answer a question.
And if you fail a question you do not move at all.
First to past go 4 times is the winner but if you want a quick game go around go 2 times.


My bored game.It was really hard doing our board game and seeing what we need to improve.I was easily distracted when i was sitting next to rana so MRS Lowe moved as apart.I did the art part of the project and rana did the questions.I thought it locked really nice and cool.
On our small copy we had to see if it worked.So we got charlie and max to test it.Max won and our test and our test succeeded.In the middle of the test Charlie and max argued a lot becuase they thoght ehach other cheated.It was diffelcualt when rana was away.I had to think of some obsilcuals to make it hader(exsaple) you face plated on your pole vault move back 3 spaces.When we got our good copy we got some pices to put togher.we finly had the pices toghrer and I was about to glue and rana messed it up so we had to do it all other again.





Action poem

File:Usain Bolt 2012 Olympics ...

The fastest sprinter.  

He was Born in Jamaica .    

As fast as lighting.

UNDER THE WATERPhoto from ARKive of the Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) -

Looking around for some prey

Sonic waves behind

Vicious cat you hate.

Lurking for prey and some meat.

Blood loving hater.

Mean and strong but tuff

Charging to hurt or harm you

A fluffy Soldier.

Diving down for food

A airplane in the blue sky

One Master of flight

Enemy of fire

Rising death from one big blow

Master of all fire

The rainbow master      

A horse with i mighty horn

The coolest horse made

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Explanation of  a car
A car is a vehicle and transportation  that will take you from one place to another in a matter of time by  their efficient way of working .  
Cars have one engine that powers the whole car so it can move forwards and backwards.There are two types of engines that a car can have and they are gas and electric.But most cars have a gas engine.
Gas engines also need oil so it can flow through the car's gears and after a while you will need to change the car's oil or it won't move it will just stop after a while and it will make a horrible sound if you stand on the gas pedal.  
Electric engines don't need gas or oil but they need to be charged everyday.You need to charge the battery so it runs the engine so the car can move.

A car battery is what powers the car's engine and everything else in the whole car. It needs to charged whenever it is flat or not running.

Car's can  turn left and right by turning the steering wheel. When you turn the steering wheel you are turning the car whichever way you want to go. If you did not have a steering wheel you could crash and will have no control of the steering wheel .
All cars have headlights at the front of the car and the back.The headlights help you see in the dark when driving on the road.Also headlights can warn another driver that someone else is on the road.Headlights can help you see in the dark by pointing the car in the direction you want to see in.
Finally, cars are a wonderful invention because The way they  transport you.